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Robbie Halkett, New Build, Sheffield

“After a two year battle with the planners I was determined to spend time in choosing the right builder for my self build . As projects go it is quite a big property with some challenging structural features and was to be built on a very difficult site. I knew two local builders personally and also asked my architect for recommendations. The project was tendered out to five separate companies, one of which was Christian’s. I met with all of them and spent time looking at their recent work. Of all the builders Christian impressed me with his preparation for our meetings and the genuine enthusiasm to take on the job. It was also crucial for me that I felt I could work with and trust the guy who was going to fulfil my long held dream within my time frame and on a sensible budget. The end result speaks for itself. Christian and his team delivered what was agreed, on time, within budget and to the very demanding standards we had agreed. I will confidently recommend him to anyone considering a self build and will have no hesitation in engaging him for any future project”.

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